4 Productivity Apps Every Girlboss Should Have

4 productivity apps every girl boss should have on your phone

Hello again! It’s been a bit of a minute, I know I need to do better at this thing called blogging. I am working on it, I promise. I have been working hard to improve my productivity and if you know me very well I love to research on everything that can help me improve myself, my life, my productivity. This led me to some amazing apps, mobile phone apps, that have aided my productive self a whole lot. When I say productive I mean on the go or lying in bed productive. These apps are perfect for my girl bosses (and guy bosses too) and very easy to use. And the best part….they are free!

I am sure you are aware of some classic applications that work on both desktops and mobile phones like google docs, of course, google drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc. These are well known and amazing applications. But let me introduce you to 4 amazing apps that I absolutely love, and you should have on your phone.

Okay, here we go!


  1. UNROLL.ME This is one of my favorite applications. This application helps you manage all your email subscriptions. We all know how annoying it can be when we get subscription emails and newsletters in your inbox. A lot of them come off as spam and before you know it your mailbox is filled with junk emails consisting mostly of subscriptions and newsletters.


Erk! And that can be a pain to clean out.Unroll.me brings all your email subscriptions into one space and then gives you the option to either unsubscribe, roll up or keep the email subscription all in one space. Amazing! The only disadvantage I have found with this app is you can only sign up with just one email account at a time.

Every day the app scans through your inbox and sends you a push notification of recent email subscriptions in your inbox. Unroll.me does not unsubscribe you from any email subscription on its own. You have to do that manually via the app which makes it 10,000 times easier and faster.


  1.  TURBOSCAN This is another fantastic app, and it’s exactly what it sounds like….a scanner, but on your phone. Ever had a situation, where u needed to get something scanned and emailed to someone but unfortunately, you are nowhere near a scanner and/or even a computer? That can be frustrating. Or perhaps you have an important meeting, and during that meeting, you realized you forgot to pdf files of some important documents? Sloppy, sloppy!


Well not anymore! With Turboscan you can easily take a picture of your document/image (or use an image from your camera roll), save it as a pdf or jpeg file and email it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! The only con with this app, is there is a limit to the number of documents you can scan. You will have to upgrade to the premium.


  1.  DASHLANE. This app safely stores all your usernames and passwords in one place.Emails , social media profiles , shopping sites, streaming platforms, even banking (although I won’t recommend doing that for your money matters) you name it. Unless you use the same password for everything (which is a bad idea, by the way) you should take a look at this app. I have trouble remembering passwords especially for sites and/or apps I don’t particularly use often, and it can be a pain having to click that “forgot password?” link or answering verification questions.

Was I skeptical about how safe this app is? Hell yes! I did my research; reviews and all, and I have been using it for a while now. No issues so far (thank God!). But please do your research before downloading and using this app.


  1.  POCKET . I am pretty sure you think this app is about money. Well, you guessed wrong. Pocket is a like a bookmarking app for your search engine on your phone. Yes, it’s kinda similar to the inbuilt iPhone safari bookmark function, but it is way better. Okay! Let me bring it down. Pocket allows you to save web pages you love or would like to read later. It organizes your saved pages in what it calls “my lists”. It has a ‘recommended section” where you might find similar pages/articles you might like. All stored in one app. It is super easy to use.


To get started with the Pocket app, you have to enable the app in your phone settings, so whenever you click on the save tab in Safari (iPhone, not sure how it works on androids) the pocket app will appear in the save menu. And all you have to do is click on it, and you get a pop-up letting you know it has been saved to the app and ready whenever you are. Simple!


There you have it! 4 productivity apps you should have on your phone that will make your life easy, keep your boss life sailing smoothly. Which of these apps interest you the most? Do you have any recommendations? Share them, you might help someone.

Yours truly

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