Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to my first blog post of 2018. Last year was truly an amazing year for me. It was definitely my “me” year, and by this, I mean it was the year of studying me, paradigm shift, and a big a** growth. I was able to figure out who Oma really is,  what she likes, what she absolutely dislikes, strengths and capabilities.

Now here we are, in a new year. With new goals, new resolutions, new projects (maybe incomplete projects) and big dreams.

So to help you kick-start your year and hell, give you a nice hard kick in the bum to get you moving, here are 8 HABITS THAT WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE IN 2018.

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BECOME A MORNING PERSON. This is something many of us struggle with, including myself. For me, the story always goes like this, “Okay today, I will put my laptop down by 10.30pm and force myself to sleep. Yes! That’s exactly what I will do”. 2 am I am still awake pressing computer. Then in the morning, I wake up feeling like one of the zombies from the Walking Dead. Trust me, nothing worse than feeling cranky and groggy at work. Aim to get the required hours of sleep you need (typically 8 hours of sleep). Go to bed early (anytime from 8 pm to 11 pm). The earlier you sleep, the earlier you will wake up. You can use those few extra hours to do something productive. You can also use this time to meditate, pray, speak affirmations, visualize, plan your day etc.

UNFOLLOW NEGATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES. You know all those Instagram, twitter etc pages that aren’t really adding any value to your life or might be of a negative influence? Or maybe have you comparing your self (body,finances, clout etc) to others and has you FEELING BEHIND IN LIFE? It’s time to unfollow them. Rather follow accounts that inspire, motivate and educate. Some of my favourite accounts on Instagram are @godlydating101 @fearlessmotivationofficial @wisdomfeed @bossbabe @foundr @theworthywoman @oneyoungwife.

LEARN/ACQUIRE A NEW SKILL. Learning opens up your mind and increases your exposure, knowledge, and experience. It also challenges and feeds your curiosity. Learning a new skill could range from starting a certification programme relevant to your career, learning a musical instrument, learning or researching how things are made, learning a language or languages. Imagine what you could become if this was a yearly goal….to learn a new skill.

SET DEADLINES FOR YOUR GOALS. Don’t just write down what you want to achieve every new year, put timelines and deadlines to it. When do you want to kick off a project/research etc? How many minutes/hours in a day do you want to dedicate your time to it? When do you want to complete the project or reach your goal? Doing this will help you have a MAP (Massive Action Plan) to achieve your goals, help you stay disciplined and consistent.


CUT DOWN ON IMPULSE PURCHASES. Aka learn to save more. To accumulate wealth over time, you might need to cut back on your unnecessary purchases. This can be a struggle and a lot of us are addicted to spending our disposable income that may be lying around loosely in our homes, wallets, and Bank Accounts. I sure struggle with this too and I really do not like having huge sums of money just sitting in my bank account, because I might have an impulse buy (that might be an expensive one). Some of the ways I save money is by investing in Fixed Deposits, Treasury Bills and lately I have started using piggbankng. I will have a separate post on this in the future but do invest some of your time and research ways you can save money.

SPEND LESS TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. This is something I started doing late last year. Prior to that, I was always on social media. Instagram was my poison. Yes, I was on there mainly to study accounts and see how I can grow my own Instagram account and of course, check out what others are posting. But it is very easy to get lost in what I call a “fake” life. It is very easy to compare yourself and possibly learn bad habits. Don’t get me wrong, you can learn new useful stuff on social media, (and you can grow a brand\business on there) all depends on the types of account you follow (hence, number 2 above). The negative effects are pretty similar to my argument in THE COMPANY YOU KEEP blog post from last year. Spend less time on social media, and use that leftover time to do something that will really help in 2018 like number 3 above.

EXERCISE. Exercise isn’t just working out your physical body.  Exercise your spiritual being and your mind too. Dedicate 5 to 15 minutes every day to fueling your spirituality and your mind(your thinking). Pray, read or listen to devotionals and your bible. Go for walks if you don’t have time for the gym or an intense workout. Power walk, go swimming…stretch….a lot!! Read self-help books. I prefer audio books and some of my favourites are ‘You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero and “The Secret”. Exercising every part of your being will make you healthy, stronger, less tired, happy, motivated and loads more of that good stuff.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Stop your filthy love affair with procrastination!!! Halt with the laziness!! Stop that piling up game you like to play in your life: piling dirty dishes in the sink, clothes (clean and dirty) on the bedroom floor or chair,  unfinished projects at work, homework from school, unread emails (uh that sucks).Don’t let things pile up on you ever again. Yea, it feels good to procrastinate (all the time), but when ‘clean up’ day comes around, Ay Dios Mio!! It won’t feel so good.


Dress – suyi_designs on Instagram

Outfit Details

Dress – suyi_designs on Instagram

Heels – Missguided.com

Purse – Amazon Uk

Earrings – Balogun Market

Bracelet – Aliexpress

There you have it. Most of these habits are habits I picked up last year or so, and others I am still working on. I hope you found this helpful. Which habits have you picked up or plan to? What other habits would you want to pick up that didn’t make this list?

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Yours truly




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  1. I really like this post! Thank you soo much because now apart from exercise and non procrastination, there are other habits I can include in my daily life!

  2. I’ve never written down habits to pick or drop bit when this year started I did write that I want to learn a skill, do more on my blog – I.e go out of my comfort zone to create good content for the blog and also to drop my lazy/procrastinating habit.

    Thank you for reminding me, this piece was really helpful.

  3. I really like your outfit. You look super glamorous and classy. I love the penultimate picture u look gorgeous in that one. So pretty and such a nice shape too! 😉 x x x

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