8 Things Every Girlboss Should Know When Starting A Career

8 Things Every Girlboss Should Know When Starting Her Career

Hello, Girlboss (and guys too)! If you are reading this blog post, then you definitely on the right part to career success. I applaud you! Your school days and your career lives are two different phases and a little bit similar. The similarity – you have to give your best to get the best! Not refuting that, But again, it is all so different at the same time. Unfortunately, no one teaches us these things; what to expect, how to act, etc. Not anymore! I will share with you 8 Things Every Woman Should Know When Starting Her Career.

Grab your notepad and pen and let’s dive in!

  1. You are going to hate your first job.

Probably, probably not! All depends on the culture, structure, pay, and benefits (like duh!), your role, your expectation versus reality and your attitude to that reality. Let’s be honest, many of us have no clue what career path we want to pursue. Or maybe we do know, but are unable to get that dream job and end up working a job you hate (like eh bank!) Unfortunately, many of us stay stuck in that well-hated loving (cause it pays the bills) job just to make ends meet. For my fresh-out-of school girl bosses, its okay to feel this way. But it’s not your final stop.  Find you a mentor, with a great work experience, someone way older than you. He or she doesn’t have to be in the field you are interested in, but trust they can give you really good advice and direction. Do your research on jobs you find interesting. Find out what you have to do (degrees, certification, work experience like internships) you need to land you that job. Start working on your resume and your interview skills. One day, surely, you will land that job.


  1. Attitude is everything

I must confess, as someone that found it hard to hide my feelings from showing on my face, I was super bad at this. But I learned quickly that you need emotional intelligence aka good attitude, in your career. Let me explain! If you are perceived always grumpy, snappy, difficult to work with or even moody at work (whether you love it or not) you will eventually get the boot…out the door! I know its hard to be criticized by someone who isn’t your mama or papa. And yes, it can be difficult to have a happy-go-lucky attitude at a job you hate or find meaningless to your career aspirations, but having a good attitude – coming in early, willing to learn from your mistakes, asking for help (nothing wrong with that), taking criticisms well, will make people like and admire you. You never know who is watching. You never know which client might offer you….darling….your dream job. Always have a good attitude.


  1. A great reputation is priceless

This is in direct correlation to your attitude. It’s a ripple effect. And can be quite damaging, especially in the industry you are interested in, or already work in. In an industry, everybody knows everybody. It’s important to have a good character, work ethics, goal accomplishing reputation, relationship management etc. Even your clients can bad mouth, and trust, that’s a massive no no. Do not burn any bridges but build them.

  1. Always think long-term

Whenever I am applying for a new job or maybe working a new job, I always try to map out my long-term goals in that company or industry as a whole. I like to call it ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. In layman terms, “where do you see yourself in 2,5 and 10 years time”. You have to, I repeat, have to always have a long-term goal, especially once you have an in-depth knowledge of the company and industry you are in. Always have a plan where you want to be in the company you are in – in 2 years I will like to be promoted, in 4 years be a regional manager, in 10 years be the Managing Director etc. With a plan, a reasonable one, of course, you will be able to know if you are moving ahead career-wise, or just stuck in a dead-end job. There is no light at the end of the tunnel? You might have to make new plans.


  1. Curiosity wouldn’t kill the cat.

Always ask questions. You do not know it all. Stop pretending that you do. We tend to not ask questions because it makes us look dumb, unintelligent and needy. No darling, asking questions will help you learn and avoid making mistakes as much as possible. If whoever you are asking a question comes off aggressive, demeaning or irritable, simply smile and say,” I’m sorry if my questions are disrupting your work, but this is the only way I can learn”. And smile again. Or find someone nicer to ask questions.


  1. Better to be overdressed than underdressed

I can’t tell you the number of times I was roped into an impromptu meeting with partners and/or clients. No heads-up, no smoke signal, no nothing. And boy! I have been lucky and smart. Why? Because I am always formally dressed. I work in a business-casual kinda company, but I ain’t no business-casual kinda career woman (well, except on Fridays). I don’t do suits a lot but I am always smartly dressed. Every girl boss should always dress as such. You never know who is looking, or what big meeting you will be invited to, without notice!


  1. Build your network

Frankly speaking, I do not consider myself a very social person, lost that juice in my teens, and I may suffer a little bit from social awkwardness. But building a network is really important for career growth and referrals too. Remember its not just meeting a person once that does the trick, you have to consistently connect with them on a personal note. Call often, visit them, ask about their well-being, family, kids etc. Invite them to family functions, church activities etc.

  1. Office politics will shock you

Yes, darling! You will probably see some unbelievable ass-kissing and butt-pecking. Your office bestie might turn on you. Your boss might favor the best ass-kisser. Your colleagues might not or ever have your back when bush comes to shove. Your Line-manager might take all the credit, You might be passed over for a promotion or project. Always keep your ears to the ground, keep your chest up and chin high. Work hard and stay woke. Or maybe kiss ass too. Your choice!

There you have. Did I miss anything? Share it below. You might help a girl boss out.

Till next time!

Your Truly

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