Best Pieces of Advice I Have Ever Received

Hey Beautiful, have you ever received an amazing life advice that you always keep close to your heart? You have seen some really good results from applying them – more money, recognition, success etc. Well, great advice can do that – it can lead you to paths and outcomes that are much better for you. In this post, I’m about to give you some of the best advice I’ve ever received. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll value them as much as I do.
Are you ready? Lets go

1. To become valuable, you must become a problem solver
This is the best advice I have ever received in my entire life. I have found this to be true especially in the workplace. Solve your Boss’ most pressing business problem consistently and you’ll be seen as a huge asset to the business, the go-to person. With that comes some benefits -more responsibilities, promotions, salary increase.
I also realized I have been applying this to my friendships by giving good advice, offering solutions to problems and being a good mediator.

2. Never let a man tell/show you twice, that he doesn’t want you
I heard this from Steve Harvey on his TV show. Ladies, we all need to make this a relationship mantra. One thing we ladies need to understand about men. When a man doesn’t want anything serious with you – a relationship, a commitment, etc, he always makes it clear through his words and/or actions. You need to see the hints and leave.

3. Don’t venture into anything with a defeated mindset
I actually didn’t realize that I had such a mindset until I was recently called out. I guess I was following the whole “expect the worst but hope for the best” concept. Examples of a defeated mindset, “I know it might not work but let me do it”, or “I’m not lucky” or the classic ” all men cheat” etc. Instead tell yourself “it may not have worked for others, but it will work for me”.

4. Forgiveness is healthier than holding a grudge
This one is life. As someone who was a veteran at holding grudges, I thought I was punishing my offenders by doing so. Boy! was I wrong. “Unforgiveness is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies”, that was basically what I was doing. I didn’t realize it was truly a poison that was killing me. The thing is, when you choose not to forgive, you are holding on to the hurt and planting and cultivating the seeds of anger, distrust, and insecurity in your life and in how to relate with others. I am not saying it is easy to forgive but it is healthier and godly. It may take you a while to truly forgive and let go.

5. What you allow, will persist
We all have the power and the resources (most times) to change things in our lives. You also need to understand you give people permission to treat you the way they do. Hate your current job? Don’t complain about it, be proactive by either fixing what you hate or finding a new job. Someone disrespects you? Tell them you don’t tolerate disrespect. Remember to remain classy.

6. Never assume, always ask questions
How many times have you gotten into trouble because you made an assumption or ran to conclusions? I sometimes find myself assuming things rather than ask questions.

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Many of us don’t like to admit to not knowing how to do something and end up making loads of mistake.
Same goes for relationships (both love and work). Trust me, its always better to hear from the horse’s mouth.
There you go. I really hope you find this useful. Consider me a big Sis looking out for you. if you’ve received any brilliant advice that has changed your life already, let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

Yours truly,

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