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Being stuck in a dead-end job is a topic I have had on my mind to write and yay! I am finally doing it. We are going to have an in-depth conversation (Yes! This is going to be a dialogue, so chip in in the comment section below. Subscribe and/or follow my blog while you are down there). Now let’s get into this topic.

Have you ever been in a job where there was little or no chance of career development and advancement into a higher paid position? Perhaps, that’s your current situation. Btw that was the Wikipedia definition of a DEAD-END JOB. Let me guess, your job is extremely routine-like, you get little to no training, your job has been rendered redundant, you are not the go-to person at your workplace (basically you are not an asset), you feel you can do more but something or someone isn’t letting that happen, you are never in the line-up for a promotion (sometimes you just know you wouldn’t be) etc.  I know, many of us have been there one way or the other.

This can have some physical and emotional impact on you. You  might experience the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Illness (both real and fake)
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Resentment etc (Please feel free to add more symptoms to this list in the comment section).


You find yourself in an unhealthy state, both mind and body. A lot of times you might feel……Numb! Unable to do anything. STUCK! And the only way out is to find you a new job.  ” Eureka!!That’s what I’m gonna do. Find a new job and everything will be better”, you think to yourself. But let’s be realistic, finding a new job isn’t always that easy, especially with the current economic situation in our dear country. And even if you do find a new job, there isn’t any guarantee that history won’t repeat itself. And if it does, whatcha gonna do then? Run again and find a new job? How long you wanna keep doing that? Besides, it doesn’t look good on your resume. 3 months at Job A, 7months at Job B, 5 months at Job C. Ah ah!


So really, what should you do if you find yourself in a dead-end job, how do you fix things? Are you ready? Let’s go.

ADD VALUE. My Brother always says to me, “but what value have you brought in?” Childdd! That used to sting like a bee because he was right. Are you bringing any value to your current situation? Think about it! Whatever you have been given to do (your job description, daily tasks) do it well and then some more. You might be noticed or even considered for a role upgrade or promotion if you are excellent at what you currently do. Think of ways to add value. Trust me, you will be noticed by the right people.

BE DISCIPLINED AND DEDICATED. Its pretty easy to become lazy, unmotivated and less hardworking when you feel like ‘my job sucks, whats the point putting in so much energy”. Naa boo! Consider it a training for that job you would love to have. If you can stay disciplined and dedicated (show up to work on time, show up to work even when down with the flu or malaria, etc)  to a job you hate, imagine how much more bad ass you would be to a job you really love. Also, your colleagues and manager will see this and your value will appreciate. You will be considered a die-hard employee with leadership potential.

BE BOLD. Talk to your boss about what you want. I don’t mean in an aggressive or rude manner. Have a respectful and intelligent conversation about what you want as an employee in the company. Don’t complain, rather make a proposal. If there is a new project in the works, ask to be a part of it, stating how you could be of value to the success of the project. You gotta come hard and with some convincing receipts. Be confident when you speak (please! do not mumble or stammer). You are guaranteed an amazing result especially if you have the points mentioned above nailed as well.

GET MORE SKILLS. Register for training and certifications that can boost your skill set. Add more weapons to your arsenal! You wanna go to war and that war is your ideal work situation so kit up. Depending on your company, you can have the company pay for it or you can pay for it your self. Join professional discussion groups on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to learn new tips and stay updated career trend-wise.

PRAY AND VISUALIZE. Prayer works!! I can vouch to that. Take it to God in prayers. When you do talk to God, ask for the direction, courage, and zeal. Have faith and visualize what you want every day. Do you want to be Team Lead/Manager? By that I mean, knowing the responsibilities and job description of a Team Lead, then begin to do them. Act like you are that already.If you can conceive it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.

JOB HUNT. Yup! I said it. Its an option but you need to consider a few things; how long have I been at the company (1 – 3 years is good)? Whats really the issue? Can I fix it? But have I really applied all five (5) options above? If yes, then sure, go find another job. My mum always use to say, and I will say it in my native language just as she says it, ” ha na-ano n’olu, acho olu!, basically means ‘don’t quit your job before you look for another job”. Does this make sense to you? Comment below.

There you have it, love! Was this helpful? Have anything to add? Comment below. Until next time, my darling.

Yours truly


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  1. Amazing write up. Really motivational. I have a question in your experience do you think leaving your comfort zone to an unfamiliar scenery can help change your mind set and boost your confidence?

    1. Hey Christopher. Thank you so much. And yes! Absoooluuutellly! Growth most times requires you to thread on unfamiliar, uncomfortable and scary grounds!! It will push you to an amazing horizon. Imagine the kind of beast you will become.

  2. To think that I am currently in this situation. I feel DONE with my current place having put in the work, trained myself, done it all, for little to no reward. I’m at a dead end. It’s time to leave. Time to step into unfamiliar territories. As much as points 1-5 are valid, its also important to know when to walk away.

    Well done Oma.

  3. I can totally relate to this, I was once in this situation. However, I didn’t quit my job until I got a better one. Never quit your job(except you have a business on the side as a source of income) until you find another.

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