Wearing Belle Liquid Lipstick by Beauty by AD

As a lover and a collector of all things makeup, I can comfortably say I know a lot about makeup – products, brand , quality, uses etc. I have a lot of makeup products that are US owned. And very few African owned brands. I was surprised at this. I mean, I had to catch up on what brands are hot in Africa in general.

Wow! I was amazed and super curious by what I found.

Beauty by AD is a Nigerian cosmetic brand with a growing range of liquid lipsticks, with a vision to become the number one cosmetic brand and a mission to consistently provide consumers the highest quality products in Nigeria. The brand was founded by Adeola Adeyemi,popularly known as “Diiadem” in November, 2016.

I received these and the first thing that obviously caught my eye was the very classy paper packaging – Black and gold? I’m sold! Definitely got me excited to unravel these bad boys!hh


On swatching these liquid lipstick, I noticed the formulation is between ‘liquidy'(but not runny) and creamy. Basically, one layer application was thin but very pigmented. This also meant it dried pretty quickly (secs to 1 minute).

Comes with a standard liquid lipstick application ward. Nothing fancy.

I received the shades Belle which is a blue toned red and Candid which is like a mauve meets nude color. Both colors are of the same consistency and both did not change color when completely dry.

How matte are these? Boy! Very matte and not drying. They are smudge proof, but did transfer a tiny bit after a meal. What liquid lipstick doesn’t?

I ran these hand swatches under running water and tried to rub them off, but they didn’t budge. They did come off in the shower after a good scrub with my loofah and bath soap.


These liquid lipsticks definitely ticked all the boxes in terms of quality and packaging. The one thing I would change is the design on the liquid lipstick tubes,to something a lot more unique to an amazing Nigerian owned beauty brand.

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