I am a huge eye lash lover. Preferably strip lashes. Safe to say I am a collector of eyelashes . So when I received these eyelashes from Beauty Kink, I was esctatic!

Beauty Kink is a beauty retailer in Nigeria and  they carry both the best Nigerian and international makeup brands. They launched their lash collection which comprises of 4 styles of FAUX MINK EYELASHES or 9 styles of 3D MINK EYELASHES.(See images)

yours truly oma


I received two pairs of lashes – A faux mink in the style ‘Miss Fab’ which is a very dramatic pair , and a mink pair in the style ‘Girlie o’ a more natural pair.




  1. The lash band on both was not stiff/hard, meaning it was pretty flexible and easy for the lashes to mould to your eyelid shape.
  2. These lashes are full. No sparseness.
  3. Piggy-backing off number 2, they do not shed. Yes, my darlings. Some lash brands do shed.


I wouldn’t neccessary call this a con especially since the pair I am about to talk about is the faux mink lol.

More like an observation (not a surprising one).

I am someone that would throw on a pair of false lashes and be on my merry way with no blending and masking and all that jazz with a mascara (I am that good at applying them falsies lol). But I found and found that you can not try that with the faux mink pairs. You must, and I repeat, must blend the lashes with your real lashes using a black mascara. Unless you are cool with that type of look,then ride on soldier!

Wearing Miss Fab

The faux mink lashes are sold for N1500 and the mink lashes are N5000. Heavy duty huh? Not really, I have seen much more expensive mink lashes and hey! They faux mink look great when applied and blended right.This brand allows for options.

Check them out on Instagram – @beautykink.

Talk soon luvs.

Yours truly


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