Dear Anxious Lover,

You are petrified,freaked out and perhaps, embarrassed that your ex(es) is(or are) settling down while you are still SINGLE? You feel ashamed or maybe a little bit angry (very angry) with a hint of jealousy? Ah! Your heart just broke..again..into a million pieces? You are wondering ‘why does he/she get to have a happy ending after all she/he did to me?’ or ‘why didn’t he/she pick me?What’s wrong with me?’ perhaps its ‘I should be the one getting married, first!’ You know the billions of questions going through your mind.

Stop! Stop the woulda coulda shoulda . You are only making yourself miserable. For what? For someone who obviously was not meant for you? STOP IT!

Take a deep breath,exhale and open your mind and heart to these words…’HE/SHE WAS NEVER YOURS TO KEEP’. If he/she was yours, he/she would have been yours. Simple!

Yes, you can move forward from this. Yes, it might be hard but always remind yourself that the right person(way better person. Now smile!) is out there and when the time is right,the rest will be history. Pray constantly and have faith. Strengthen your faith by practicing visualizations – Visualize your beautiful life with your  future partner.

Lover, I hope this letter gives you strength to forge ahead. You are not alone .Be strong.

Yours truly



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