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Isn’t life such a weird thing? Sometimes you feel like you have it all. You are happy, care-free, jovial, social, on cloud 9, and other times you feel…well… empty, unfulfilled, stuck!! Maybe you feel the later the most and more often. You take a look around you. Your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, acquaintances and even enemies lol, seem to be way ahead of you in this game called life. And this, for some, may get you down. Really down. Suicidal for some. Maybe your career hasn’t taken off, maybe your business isn’t were you want it to be, maybe you still live with your parents, maybe your Instagram feed is popping but you are loosing followers, maybe you aren’t married, maybe your blog is still a desert( join the club) ,maybe you haven’t passed JAMB after 4 attempts. And its not that you aren’t putting in that elbow grease and/or trying to balance the chaos of your life on a thread. God knows the effort -money, energy, sleepless nights, you have put in. You still seem to be lagging behind and everyone is ahead, sprinting off !

Ask yourself this, DO YOU KNOW THEIR LANES AND WHERE THEY LEAD TO?  Oh?! You do? Is it your business? If you can’t answer that (as I expected), then you get my point. But just to reiterate, EVERY BODY’S JOURNEY IS DIFFERENT BOO BOO!! “She is my age mate, we grew up together, but she is now a millionaire”. Honey! You could make Forbes top 10 billionaires of whatever year -2017,2018,2030! That’s just the thing with this funny fellow called life. It  isn’t your time yet. You probably haven’t figured out the formula to your success. The right opportunity hasn’t popped up. The right person hasn’t found you.

We  humans are so insatiable and ungrateful that we forget to look at what we have achieved so far and be thankful for it. Yes, there is always something to be thankful for. My heart always break when I see an elderly person hawking on the road side. But it also reminds me that wow! I do have a lot to be thankful for because I have achieved a lot even though I never open my eyes to see that and I still have a lot of time to GET SHIT DONE! 

Tara Durotoye, Owner of House of Tara, said something to me that resonated so well, like boy, it hit me like a tonne of bricks. She said, so simply but stern, “YOU ARE IMPATIENT!”. I knew she was right. I had to put in the work, all the work and I mean all the work, and be patient. No comparing myself to veterans in the field, or peers who have achieved immediate success. They have had their struggles and the timing of their life is…well…right now.

Outfit Details

Top – Aliexpress

Trousers – Select UK

Shoes – Missguided

Bag – Ebay

Sun Glasses – Aliexpress

Be inspired by other people’s success. Learn from them, remind yourself that you can get to where you want to be and be who you want to be. Hell, carry yourself like you are that person already.

Surround yourself with the right company that will push and motivate you.  Stay away from the wrong crowd      THE COMPANY YOU KEEP #LETSTALK

TRUST THE TIMING OF YOUR LIFE. Put in all you’ve got, love what you are doing or find something else you love and do it. Pray and everything will align for you. Eventually!

How are you getting ahead in life? Share your story.

Yours truly






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  1. Thank you so much Oma. I really needed to hear this today. I am just going to take a step back, not over think things that I haven’t achieve yet, and keep it going one day at a time.

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