Don’t you just hate it when your makeup isn’t smooth? You’ve got all your perfect imperfections -large pores, tiny pimples etc. peeking through your gorgeous makeup you spent hours working on. Or perhaps your makeup doesn’t look the same after 2 hours.

Sucks! Doesn’t it.

I am not a fan of carrying a makeup bag around and running to the ladies room to ‘touch up ‘. I want my makeup to stay put and behave. But that almost never happens.

Well, not anymore. The trick is really simple. Primer!

My favorite types are the silicon based and mattifying primers.

House of Tara International has an amazing primer – Tara Mattifying Primer #buyAuthentic  – Here

I use this before every makeup application. And I mean EVERY.

Here are some things I love about it:

  1. It is oil free and mattifying. Works great for my oily skin
  2. Does not absorb into the skin (which can cause acne).
  3. It prolongs the wear of my makeup up to six hours. No touch ups.
  4. It smooths out my skin and fills in large pores, allowing for a flawless makeup application and finish. Every girl’s dream!
  5. It comes in a 30ml bottle. Now that’s quantity with quality

All you need is a pea-size amount. No need to go overboard. Apply after moisturizing and just before foundation and you are golden!

Shop Online – www.shop.houseoftara.com

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