It was a lovely Saturday morning. At a supermarket close to where I live. I believe I was in the cosmetic section, looking for something,I can not recall, when I stumbled upon these beautiful and well packaged lip products.

They really did catch my attention(a rare occurrance) so I decided to buy two to try out. Pretty inexpensive. I really liked them and I went back for more, and more. I now own eight (8) and loads of compliments.


Here are some pros & cons:


A. Wide array of colors and hues.

B. Dries down to a matte finish.

C. Smudge – proof.

D. Long-wearing.

E. Not drying on the lips.

F. Nice packaging.

G. No harsh or foul smell.

H. Very affordable


A. Crumbles in the middle after a meal.

B. Says “lip gloss” on packaging but it isn’t a gloss.

C. The lighter colors dry darker than the appear in the tube. Take a look at the swatches above to see what I mean.

D. No manufacturing information can be found on packaging.

E. No information of what ingredients where used in its making.

Obviously, I did a patch test to be sure I was not going to have an allergic reaction. Non whatsoever.

Would I recommend this product? Yes and yes again.

Disclamer: If you  decide to purchase this product you purchase at your own discretion. I am only sharing my experiences with you. Carry out a patch test to ensure you have no allergic reaction(s) to this product.

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Till next time.

Yours truly


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