July 9,2017 was the day of the anticipated Beauty Souk event, the “niche fair for beauty enthusiasts” sponsored by Diamond Bank. It was also a big day for pioneer Makeup Brand , House of Tara , owned by Tara Durutoye , and makeup artiste  and beauty influencer, Jide of St.Ola as the launched their collaboration on a beauty product, DIAMOND DUST


This is the second collaboration for House of Tara, the first being with renowned photograher (and wonder woman), TY Bello.

Diamond Dust, which is loose glitter for eye makeup, comes in a beautiful gold paper box which houses a tube with the glitters. The glitters come in four (4) different colours – Gold , Silver, Bronze and the classic blue-toned Red. The typical most reached for colours in beauty, jewelry, olympic medals if you get what I mean.


With friends, well wishers and loyal customers all present and cheering them on, Tara and Jide unveiled the new product. Like a groom unveiling his bride at the altar. A happy moment for the two brand owners.

It was a lovely launch and the built up curiosity & suspense on what the new product was, came  to a nice climax.

The launch,however should have been  done independent of the Beauty Souk event.

House of Tara is a household name, and so is Jide of St.Ola. Share no stage with no one on such a special time! Champagne, glitters, gold crowns ( as depicted on the box packaging of the glitters)for guests and models with  “diamond dust”  eye makeup waltzing around.

More grandeur please!! Cause you are that amazing.

All in all, it was a beautiful launch!

Congratulations  Tara and Jide on your collaboration!!

Yours truly





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