Not everyone has the perfect skin – no acne, spots or hyperpigmentation of some sort. I for sure don’t! Atleast, not in recent years. Crazy how I had real good skin when I was younger ,compared to now. Eish! But that is life for you.

My skin got bad, like real bad 2 years ago when I was in the U.K. Story for another day. But I have come along way to getting my skin back to what it used to be, kinda!

I came across Rejuvenation Hub on Instagram and I got the opportunity to try out some of their skincare products. I was able to have a discussion with the brand via email to know more about the brand – why skincare, what to expect and how quickly? You know!So I can hold them accountable for any comma. Lol

Here is a summary :

About the brand
The brand owner is a Cosmetic scientist. She has sufficient background
knowledge in pre-formulation and formulation of skincare products. She
also works as a research scientist(cosmetics) in a research institute.
However, the brand conception was as a result of bad experiences using
some drug store brands especially the the few labelled “reduces acne”
“reduces signs of blemishes”. Overtime, it was learnt that these terms
are just used as a marketing tools.

Our ingredients are locally sourced, products are made in
small batches, ensuring quality.
Intensive research is carried out on individual ingredients even down
to the nitty gritty like how they were obtained and manufactured.

In addition, customer service is very important to us. If a customer
is unsatisfied we will try and help out the best way possible.

 What are they products meant to do for my skin?
Individually and collectively, they reduce scarring and blemishes for
example dark marks as a result of acne, they moisturize and exfoliate
the skin.

Black tea tea wash: Made up of Three different Exfoliating agents,
which will promote skin renewal and removal of dead skin cells.

Moringa and Coconut oil:These are Moisturizing oils incorporated to
reduce the dry skin feel after using your typical black soap.

Honey is an antibacterial aswel as a moisturizing agent. We have also
included Three mild lightening agents, Goat Milk powder, licorice and
Carrot extract. Over time these will fade dark marks on the skin.

TonerAloe vera is an healing agent however, the lactic acid and
rosewater are mild exfoliatants. Lactic acid removes dark marks over
time. This toner is deep cleansing so your pores are unclogged every
time you use it.

Moisturizing Cream is as the name suggests.Side note,the brain behind
the brand is sometimes called “moisture’ thats the level of importance
the company attaches  to not having dry scaly skin. This product is
made up of six different oils, Aloe-vera and Green tea which is an
antioxidant. We also acknowledge the fact that customers not only want
non-drying skin so there is a 1% concentration of  kojic acid. Kojic
acid is lightening agent. This product provides you with the non-scaly
skin at the same time, reduces dark marks.

The percentage of the lightening agent is low enough to achieve healthy
looking skin for all skin types.

How long would it take to see results?
It will take about 3-4 weeks. However, on initial use, you will feel
the texture of your skin at this point you can determine if you want
to continue or stop using the products.

Must I use all 3 product combination to see ‘results’?
For maximum effect, Yes. Cleanse, tone and Moisturise. This doesn’t
mean that your dark mark will not disappear of you use only the soap
for example. It might just take a bit more time.

 What other products do you carry?
Besides the Toner, face wash and moisturizer. We also have a mask and
a bar soap.
These are still being tested in the Lab.


My Experience

I received the Cleanser, Toner and moisturizing cream. I used the products religiously for about 2 and half weeks to 3 weeks .

yourstrulyoma x rejuvenation hub
yourstrulyoma x rejuvenation hub

Cleanse : This fellow stings a bit and I like it. In my head, if it stings or burns a little, then it must be doing something special. It lathers up really well and feels really moisturising.  After using the cleanser, it leaves my face squirky, and I mean squirky clean. It is not drying  which I find very interesting considering this contains black soap which can be very drying. Be careful not to get this in your eyes or the inner corners of your eyes. It will sting! The advice to leave it on for about 3 minutes before rinsing. It has a pretty strong smell, but nothing that would stink you to death, lol! Just that tea tree goodness!

yourstrulyoma x rejuvenation hub
yourstrulyoma x rejuvenation hub

Toner: Now, this stings the most. Smells like a homemade skincare something with a 2-day shelf life. That worried me a bit. I was waiting to see if the smell would change or the colour would change from clear to say, a yellow. Nope! Never did. I use this only at night and after each use, my skin felt soft and fresh.


yourstrulyoma x rejuvenation hub
yourstrulyoma x rejuvenation hub
yourstrulyoma x rejuvenation hub

Moisturizing cream:   This smells divine. It’s of a nice creamy but not runny consistency. It has little herbs in it (hemp I believe). It absorbs nicely into the skin and doesnt leave a greasy feel but a moisture infused one. This should cater really well to all skin types. Only issue I had was sometimes, those little herbs affect my foundation routine. They obviously can’t be absorbed into the skin, so they just sit on the skin. Be sure to take them out if you are going to be putting makeup on.

These products sure brightened my complexion  and evened out my skin tone from week 1. I did not break out , well except for that one hormonal breakout during that time of the month, if you know what I mean. It improved the appearance of my spots within the time frame of two weeks, but hasnt completely cleared them. Do I think they can clear my spots? Yes! But might take longer than 3 weeks. They however, improved the texture of my skin in the first week. Childdd! I had skin like a baby’s behind. Smootheeeee!

I did not have any reactions to these products, whatsoever. Pheww!



All in all! I really love this brand and would recommend it. You need to be consistent and patient with it. And you should see an improvement in your skin.

So if you like natural skin care products, that work! Rejuvenation Hub is for you.

Check them out on Instagram – @rejuvenation_ng

Prices (might have changed):
Black Tea tree wash- N5000
Apples, Honey and Rosewater Toner- N6500
Moisturising Face Cream- N8000

*Mask now available – N6000.


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