I am someone who likes to shop and is open to trying everything – thrifting or brand new designer items. I don’t quite care if the come with a label or brand name. I just need to like it, and it just needs to be of great quality and  look good on me. The end!

So I thought to put together this look, to show you how I style some really cute and trendy clothes I got from you won’t believe it …..Ebay and Aliexpress !! Yup! You heard right! Well, except the shoes.

I don’t have a problem shopping on these online stores. They are a good place to find alternatives to outfits that may be sold out on popular and  bigger online fashion retailers like asos, fashionnova , missguided and boohoo.

I like to describe the look as ‘when a hippy makes a baby with a gypsy’. Lol, google pictures of hippy and gypsy, and you might just see my point. I like to draw inspiration from just about anything.

Take a look!!



Check reviews before purchasing

Blouse – $7.46 – here

Palazzo pants – Ebay (very old buy)

Necklace – $0.96

Bracelet – $5.58 – here

Fedora – here

Bag – (Amazon I believe)

Sandals – Matalan

Glasses – $11 – here


What do you think? Nailed or nay?

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