Isn’t it amazing to be young and carefree? No responsibilities.Crazy parties. Loads of curiosity.

Feels good to break all the rules, cause, you know, “you only live once”. Oh sorry, “Y.O.L.O!”. Oh! Right! “Rules are meant to be broken”. Got it!

“You have to try it, at least once”, you say to yourself,or you are being peer pressured – The Company You KeepBe it a shot of tequila, a quick puff of marijuana,sneaking out to a party without your parents consent. Gives you a rush, doesn’t it?

You feel invincible.

Perhaps you like to dress sexy or upload racy photos or comments on social media. Why? Maybe because everyone is doing it. Maybe you like the attention. Maybe you don’t want to be ‘boring’. Maybe!

“Your teens and twenties are for experimenting…”

You are dating the hottest guy in school. You are in love. You are happy. And all of a sudden, you find yourself in a dilemma.

He is gonna break up with you if you don’t give it up. “You love him”.So…you give it up.

You have a boo, but boo keeps asking you for nudes. Maybe you don’t have a problem with that (cause its cool and you look damn good!).There goes some mobile data. Lol.

Its all fun and games.

Until the future comes knocking.

Got  you a great job with a blue chip company. You are happy. Five months in,pictures of you from way back when surface. You are naked in all the pictures!

After much deliberation by the company’s board of directors, you are asked to resign. If only you knew better!

You are engaged or perhaps married to the most beautiful girl in the world. Then, rumors start to rear its head. You have a six year old child?!

By whom? You guessed it! Turns out she can’t compromise on this one. If only you knew better!

You’ve got 2 teenage daughters. Oh boy! The remind you of you…way back. They like their skimpy outfits and they love to flirt with men twice their age. They love the attention. You scold them and try to get them to stop. “But mum, we have seen pictures and heard stories about you in similar outfits and doing the same thing when you were younger. Let us live!”. Hubby looks at you upset and speechless. And so are you. If only you knew better!

You are a presidential candidate, you feel you got what it takes and you’ve got supporters. And then, the worse happens.You forgot all about it. Your sex tape makes an appearance. People are making memes out of it. You loose your supporters. Your kids are embarrassed and made fun of at school. Your wife feels…horrible. You step down from running. If only you knew better!

You are a drug addict. Your first time trying drugs ends up with you getting addicted. You don’t have a normal life. You loose your friends and family.You binge on your poison everyday. You overdose and……If only you knew better!

This can happen to you or you might get lucky.

Enjoy your youth. Experiment. Explore. You can do whatever it is you want. No one can stop you. But, always think about the future.

You never know when the past can come and hit you hard in the head. Be smart!

Yours truly


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  1. Enjoy your youth. Experiment. Explore. You can
    do whatever it is you want. No one can stop you.
    But, always think about the future.

    This got me.

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